Hurricane Irma: Lowe’s customer gives last generator to fellow shopper by: Jason Kelly, WFTV ABC Channel 9 Orlando >>>ORLANDO, Fla. – Natural disasters often cause death and destruction, but the looming threat of Hurricane Irma has brought out the best in some Central Florida residents. Customers have gone store-to-store searching for plywood, drinking water, gas cans and generators, many […]

Calls To Suicide Prevention Hotlines Increased By 50 Percent After Logic’s VMA Performance Of “1-800-273-8255”

By BEN DANDRIDGE-LEMCO, Towards the end of the 2017 MTV VMAs last Sunday, Logic took the stage with Khalid and Alessia Cara to perform “1-800-273-8255,” his track about his own struggles with severe depression and suicide prevention. The rapper was also joined by suicide attempt survivors, who wore t-shirts with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s phone […]

10 Hurricane Harvey Stories That Will Give You Hope For America

View Original Story: by Tyler Durden, Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog, While it’s true there are a lot of stories about division and heartlessness, there are many stories coming out of storm-torn Texas that will give you hope for humanity again. Kindness and love […]

Good Samaritans Jump In Canal To Rescue Elderly Man Trapped In Truck July 21, 2017 Norman LaBarge, 79, of Tremonton, Utah, is grateful for the three good Samaritans that came to his aid Wednesday after he drove his truck into a canal on state Route 30. LaBarge is diabetic and said his blood sugar had gotten a little low, […]

‘Just you wait’: Man keeps promise to marry preschool sweetheart, 20 years later

by Brianna Bernath, TODAY: June 30, 2017 Nearly 20 years ago, a 3-year-old Matt Grodsky stood up in front of his entire preschool class, declaring that he would one day marry classmate Laura Scheel. And then on December 30, 2016, he did. The two, both now 23 years […]

VIDEO: Man spreads positivity across the U.S.

by Sheeka Sanahori, USA Today: July 21, 2017   FOLLOW LINK FOR VIDEO:  JACKSON, Miss. — His sign says, “Hi my name is Big Dave.” He scours coffee shops, beaches, and anywhere else there will likely be a crowd. He’s looking for three things: A hug, a high five, […]

‘I missed my nap for this’: 101-year-old sprinter breaks 100-meter dash record

By Marissa Payne, Washington Post: July 15, 2017   Watch your back, Usain Bolt — there’s a new 100-meter dash superstar and she looks unstoppable. Meet 101-year-old Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins, who on Saturday became the oldest female athlete to ever compete in the USA Track and Field Outdoors Masters […]

Strangers step up after man with Down syndrome loses home, movie collection

By JENNIFER EARL, CBS NEWS: July 12, 2017 As a raging wildfire closed in on their Oroville, California, home on Saturday, Steve and Vicki Orsillo knew they only had about 20 minutes to evacuate. They quickly gathered their valuables — photographs, important documents and a small suitcase full of clothes. But Mark […]